How to Create an Email Account

The very first step required for using the email service on your server with our hosting is to create the email account in your cPanel.

How to Create an Email Account

  1. Log into cPanel
  2. Once logged into cpanel, click on the "Email Accounts" located in the Mail section of cPanel:
  3. That will open a screen so you can create a new email address. You should see the below screenshot.

    Fill in the fields, below is a description of what to enter:
    Email: This is the name of the account. This will be before the @ symbol in the email address.
    Password: This is the password you assign to the email account.
    Password (again): Re-type the password
    Mailbox Quota: Select the size of the mailbox you want to create.

    After entering your information in the fields, click the button labeled "Create Account"
  4. Once the account has been created, you will see it listed in the Email Accounts section.
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